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Ridiculous Fans Making Pro Bowl a Joke?

Some Tebow stats: on the season he is 65 for 143 (45% completion rate), his average completion is 5.96 yards. The fans are crazy voting for him. Yes he can run the ball, but a quarterback has to be able to do more. Yes he is winning, but attribute a lot of that to the improved defense. The first 5 games of the season (when Orton was QB) the opposing team averaged 28 points per game. The last 6 games (Tebow starts) the opposing team has averaged 20 points per game, 4 of these 6 games they held the opposing team to 15 points or less. The defense has also had an interception for a touchdown and a punt return for a touchdown in these games, so Tebow has that much less to do. I thought this video was funny, and is nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks this Pro Bowl voting is absolutely ridiculous.


Nuggets Back for Christmas

With the NBA logout just about over (reached a tentative agreement) I figured it was time to check out how the Nuggets are going to look this season. The season will consist of 66 games (16 less than the normal 82), and could have up to three back to back to back games. The NBA is cramming a lot of games into this shortened season, which fans may like, but could increase the chances for player injuries. For a further look at how the schedule will look check this link out.

The Nuggets line up may also look a bit different than the past couple of years. Nene and Afflalo are free agents. Nene seems to have little interest with resigning with the Nuggets, but Afflalo seems to be a better shot for Denver. In the offseason Denver sent Raymond Felton to Portland in return for a one time Nugget, Andre Miller. The line up looks even more different when you account for the players that signed deals with the Chinese league, which does not allow those players to escape those contracts. If they stick to this policy, that would mean the Nuggets would be without Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, and Wilson Chandler until March. As you can see the Nuggets line up could be looking pretty thin come Christmas. This would probably mean early playing time for Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton, and Chukwudiebere Maduabum, the Nuggets rookies (pictured below). When ESPN analyst J.A. Adande looked at these factors, he had this to say about the  Nuggets roster, “It all makes the Nuggets the least stable team in the league when it comes to roster continuity.”

The NBA and the Nuggets may look a bit different this year, but I’m just happy that it looks like there will be a season and that everyone can get back to work.

Buffs Snap Road Losing Streak at the First Rumble in the Rockies

As a Senior at the University of Colorado, I have watched the Buffs football team lose every single road game, until last Friday. As per usual, I got up on friday, watched some of the other games to kill time before the final game of the season. When the game came on I grabbed a beer and sat there ready to watch the team lose yet another road game. Watching the Buffs lose on the road had become a sad tradition for me. On friday, however, the team played better than I had ever seen them play on TV. The offense was clicking, the defense was playing unreal (especially in the first half) and I really thought we were going to end the streak. Before I got to excited, I thought back to the Kansas game from last year (the last time I had this feeling). After thinking about the epic meltdown in Kansas last year I tried not to get too excited. This year the Buffs were able to close the game out and the steak was ended! For the first time in four years I was happy after watching CU on the TV.

This game was the second time in three games the Buffs were able to win. This sends the seniors off with some pride and should help propel next years team by getting this “road monkey” off their backs. 

Big Weekend for the Buffs

Tonight the Buffs start their basketball season. Last season they caught a bad break and didn’t get into the big dance, but still showed people they deserved to be there by making it to the semifinals of the NIT. This year they are looking to show people that it was not a fluke season. They enter the Pac 12 and are picked by experts to finish 11, however that is what they were picked to finish in the Big 12 last season. They now have to show people that even after losing their four main scorers they are still going to compete in the Pac. Tad Boyle CU Basketballworked to bring in a good recruiting class, and we should see a lot of the freshman getting a lot of playing time. The Buffs also bring in a few transfers that will get a lot of playing time. Of course you are also returning some key players from last year including Andre Roberson, Austin Default, Shane Harris Tunks (out last year ACL), Shannon Sharpe, Nate Tomlinson, Although Fort Lewis should not be a big hurdle for the Buffs it gives us an early look at how the new team is going to play. It should also give us a good look at the new Buffs, including two probable starters, Spencer Dinwiddle (FR) and Carlon Brown (SR from Utah). I’m excited to see these new Buffs take the court in the new conference.

As for football the Buffs are taking on Arizona for the last home game of the season. It does give the Buffs their best chance at a conference win this season as the Wildcats are 2-7 overall and 1-6 in the Pac. The Buffs should get up for the last home game, especially the seniors who will be playing their last game inside of Folsom. These things make me hopeful and somewhat expecting the Buffs to win tomorrow. After that they play UCLA and Utah which are also winnable games, but I don’t have to tell you how the Buffs have fared on the road in the past few years. So lets go ahead and get this one at home and get that winless Pac 12 monkey off our backs.


Tebow: Round 2

So, last Sunday Tim Tebow made his first start of the 2011-2012 season to much excitement. Tebow attended the University of Florida and the Dolphins decided to honor that 2008 National Championship team to help boost ticket sales. It worked. Tebow and the Gators helped Miami (winless this season) increase ticket sales and helped the Dolphins announce a sellout days prior to the game. So I cannot argue that Tebow isn’t helping a NFL team. I can question if Tebow helping the Broncos, HIS team. Sunday didn’t help anyone settle the Tebow question. His supporters say “he did what he had to do”, or “he got the win, that’s all that matters”. While the people who don’t think Tebow is the answer will say, “Did you see the first 56 minutes of that game? Tebow played awful”, or “Wow, Tebow took it to overtime against arguably the worst team in the NFL”. So the question was not put to bed like I had hoped it would entering the game in Miami. Prior to the final 5 minutes of the game Tebow had completed a total of four passes for 40 yards. He finished the game with 13 completions for 161 yards. Still not impressive numbers but considering that 120 yards and 9 completions came with 5 minutes left in the game, those numbers seem a bit misleading. But what about his rushing you say? I am not really examining that here. My view is that he is quarterback and needs to be able to pass the ball. I know he can run so why not make him a full back. I don’t think you can compare him to Michael Vick because Vick has proven himself as an all around quarterback and uses his legs to help him use the pass.

This Sunday Tebow leads the Broncos against the up and coming Detroit Lions. A much bigger test for Tebow than the Dolphins provided. The Lions have held opposing quarterbacks to the fith lowest quarterback rating. So this is going to be a true test for Tebow, especially because Willis Mcgahee is probably out for this game. Mcgahee has helped the Broncos offense this year, when it has been strugling. The Broncos are going to have to rely on Moreno and Ball to carry the rushing load for the Broncos and take some pressure of Tebow and the rest of the offense. Once again I say that this game could be the one where we see if Tebow is capable of being the Broncos next franchise quarterback or just an overhyped athlete.

Tebow Time?

With Tebow coming in at halftime of Sunday’s Bronco game, people have started to wonder if the Tebow era in Denver has arrived. While I am not sure either way, I do have my opinion on the matter. I do not believe that Tebow has the throwing capabilities necessary to be a good starting pro quarterback, however I am leaning towards giving him a chance out there after the bye week. I think the Broncos should give him a chance, because Orton has not been able to get the job done as starting quarterback and frankly I am getting tired of everyone chanting “Tebow”, booing Orton, putting up billboards. If he does well, good I’m glad the Broncos will be better, if does not do well, hopefully all of these fans will sit back, enjoy the game and let the coaches do their jobs.

On Sunday Tebow did add a spark to the team, and everyone began to play better, but Tebow didn’t look very great throwing the ball. Most of his yards and his throwing touchdown came on a screen pass, and the rest of his yards came when the Chargers were in the prevent defense. He did lead the Broncos on a comeback though. I can’t deny that.

If Tebow doesn’t do well in his chance, instead of moving back to Orton, I think Quinn should get his chance. He did start the season as the backup and got skipped over because of fan pressure to play Tebow. It is only fair that he gets his shot as well. I don’t really care who plays quarterback the rest of the year as long as it is the one that gives us the best shot of winning and not just who the fans want to play.