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Nuggets Back for Christmas

With the NBA logout just about over (reached a tentative agreement) I figured it was time to check out how the Nuggets are going to look this season. The season will consist of 66 games (16 less than the normal 82), and could have up to three back to back to back games. The NBA is cramming a lot of games into this shortened season, which fans may like, but could increase the chances for player injuries. For a further look at how the schedule will look check this link out.

The Nuggets line up may also look a bit different than the past couple of years. Nene and Afflalo are free agents. Nene seems to have little interest with resigning with the Nuggets, but Afflalo seems to be a better shot for Denver. In the offseason Denver sent Raymond Felton to Portland in return for a one time Nugget, Andre Miller. The line up looks even more different when you account for the players that signed deals with the Chinese league, which does not allow those players to escape those contracts. If they stick to this policy, that would mean the Nuggets would be without Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, and Wilson Chandler until March. As you can see the Nuggets line up could be looking pretty thin come Christmas. This would probably mean early playing time for Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton, and Chukwudiebere Maduabum, the Nuggets rookies (pictured below). When ESPN analyst J.A. Adande looked at these factors, he had this to say about the  Nuggets roster, “It all makes the Nuggets the least stable team in the league when it comes to roster continuity.”

The NBA and the Nuggets may look a bit different this year, but I’m just happy that it looks like there will be a season and that everyone can get back to work.


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